Kooky Facts

Martie once wore Neal McCoy's underwear in a music video

What was the most memorable Valentine ever for Martie? "How about the one I never received," answers Martie. "The first year I dated my husband, I didn't get squat- not even a card. I've never let him forget it."

Natalie has never had a cavity

"Shake Your Booty" was the first song Natalie learned to sing

Emily wanted to be in the Air Force Academy and even filled out applications until she realized her math and science grades weren't good enough. However, she's good at steering so she often drove the pink R.V.

Martie's pet peeve is coffee breath, Natalie's is people who chew gum, and Emily's is bad drivers

Nat knows every word to the movie Grease

Emily's teeth were once on the cover of The New York Times

Martie once spilled hot coffee on Bill Anderson and he said "Ouch" to her

Emily fought Johnny Cash over a crab puff at a party

The Chicks got to throw out the first pitch(es) at the St. Louis Cardinals', where Mark McGwire slammed Nos. 67 and 68 out of the park. (The Chicks' three pitches went bouncing past the poor catcher.) Afterward, they got to meet Mark. What do you say to America's hottest sports star? "I had a dream about you last night!" Emily offered. Oh really? Emily told Mark she dreamed she was in a Taco Bell and Mark walked in and begged her to be his best friend. Mark laughed, asking what Emily had eaten the night before.

When the Chicks made an appearance on The Sally Jesse Raphael Show back in February, Emily ran into a little fashion crisis. She didn't have the right bra on so she had to "borrow" Sally's bra! Natalie said it was like 2 sizes too big for her, but she tried to wear it even months after the show! As Martie put it, "Emily walked off the show with it. She took it! We now own the 'Sally Jesse Raphael Bra'"!

One time when the Chicks were signing autographs, this "really dorky guy" came up to their table to get an autograph, and since Martie was the last one to sign, she put Natalie's phone number on there...her real one. And a few days later, the phone rang at Natalie's house. Wonder who that could've been??

Emily once got pulled over for an illegal U-Turn and when she tried to bribe the officer with a Dixie Chicks CD, he said, "That won't work on me young lady... I already have all three!"

Previous jobs held by the Chicks: Martie worked in an ice-cream parlor, Emily was a restaurant hostess, and Natalie was a waitress.

Emily used to date Heath Wright, lead singer for Ricochet.

How do the Dixie Chicks deal with constantly being together on the road ? They have a space in the back of the bus that they've designated the 'chilling room'.
They're great friends though, so if they do get annoyed with one another, it's just because they've all been together too long. Emily says, We can argue one second and the next second say, 'Hey, ya wanna go get something to eat?' and you're like, 'Yeah, sure. Let's go!'"

From just one listen of Wide Open Spaces, you can tell that Natalie has some pretty powerful pipes! Well, she says that her parents have an audio cassette of her being born and when she came out screaming, the Doctor said, 'It's a girl! Do you want me to put her back'!!

Natalie says that when she was little she would sing and dance on table tops for just about anybody!

The first night the Dixie Chicks performed on a street corner, Garth Brooks was doing a show in Lousiana. His premotor saw them on his way to a station and asked them to play. Martie had homework for a calculus test the next day, and said that since she was flunking, thank god she could sing and play the fiddle.

A Dixie Chicks fan asked the girls to sign his arm. Well, they did, and now he has their autographs permently tatooed on his arm! Now, there's a Chick fan for ya!

The Chicks recently traded in their pink RV, nicknamed the "Sneaker" (because, well, it smelled like a shoe) for a used red tour bus with an eagle on the back of it. Their new bus will have some of the things the Chicks "gathered" while on the road, like a disco ball they have hanging from the ceiling and a Tweety Bird magnet they have on the fridge.

The Chicks once drove from Dallas all the way to New York to try to get on the Letterman show. They performed in his lobby, until they were kicked out! Well, Dave, whatcha waitin for?!

Emily and Martie performed in a teen bluegrass group, Blue Night Express, from 1984-89.

The Chicks did an ad jingle for McDonald's in 1991.

Before the Chicks signed with Monument, they had to do many duties for themselves. Like, Emily took care of the taxes, Martie was road manager, and Natalie filled in as office manager and accountant.

Emily and Martie describe Natalie as the most outgoing in terms of doing bizarre things. Emily describes herself as the peacekeeper, and she describes Martie as creative, sensitive, and passionate.

Natalie has a tattoo on her ankle of the world with the Latin word for peace on it.

Emily's fav late night snack is cereal. Martie could go for a double-decker taco from Taco Bell, and Natalie likes ice cream.

Of their looks, Natalie says: "It's so hard to look at yourself as this hot babe. And I'm going,'I am such a dork. I am so non-sexy.' So it's very strange to me."

Emily has a dog and a "big fat cat".

The Chicks recently made a trip to the Air Force Base in Japan where they were talked into going snorkeling in rough seas.

Natalie's fav movie is GREASE, Martie's is TERMS OF ENDEARMENT, and Emily's is THE CHRISTMAS STORY.
Natalie remembers her summers as a kid when they put a sprinkler under the trampoline and playing with her sister and her best friend. Martie recalls freshly cut grass, waiting for the ice cream truck to come down her street, and loading up the RV for a weekend at a bluegrass festival.

The Chicks booth at Fan Fair 98 was voted Runner-Up as best booth. It had kind of a 70's theme to it, complete with a disco ball and lava lamp.

Emily can do a mean moonwalk, and Natalie's not too bad at doing the running man!!

Tracy Byrd accompanied his four year old daughter to the Chicks' performance at Fan Fair'98 and they even got to visit the Chicks' bus! Tracy said his daughter is a huge fan of the Chicks- she knows all the words to their songs and goes around the house singing them! Tracy said he's a fan of the Chicks, too!

For old time sakes, the Chicks like to go and play on street corners and see if anyone will recognize them. Usually, they're not recognized, but people will come up to them and say 'Yall are good!! You're gonna make it someday!' or 'Yall oughtta go to Nashville!' They still get lots of tips, though!