Past Pics and Quotes

March 2nd
"Our fans are our most prized possession. We'd stay all night to get the chance to visit with everyone," says Martie. "For all three of us, music is our lifeline. We just want to share it with others," adds Emily.

March 3rd
"Hi y'all. We are virgins to Canada. This is our first Canadian show," Natalie Maines
"At one club we went to with Sheryl Crow, I was dared to just walk up behind the bar and start serving up drinks, and Sheryl Crow was dared to go to the bathroom and stick a long piece of toilet paper out the back of her pants and walk all the way across the dance floor like she didn't know it was hanging out of her pants. She was a trooper. She played right along."

March 5th
"We're playing three sluts from Louisiana, which some people might say is not much of a stretch--'cause we're from Texas," (On their guest spot on King of the Hill)

March 6
"When you step out the door, you have to be willing to be a Dixie Chick and not just a private Natalie, or whatever, 'cause we have great fans and we remember definitely the days of being fans," Natalie Maines tells LAUNCH.

March 7th
In fact, Maines moved out to California to be with Pasdar. The singer says she's so much in love with Pasdar that she's considering motherhood. "That's the meaning of life," she says.

March 8th
"I listen to Kelly Willis, something I can't get out of my cd player"
Emily talking about her favourite artists

March 9th
In recalling some of her influences, the Dixie Chicks'. Natalie Maines hopes the Chicks influence little girls. She says, "I think I thought I'd be a solo artist, not because of any particular reason. I also liked the blues a lot, I think I thought I'd be Bonnie Raitt. First Olivia Newton John, and then switched over to Bonnie Raitt. But I don't know why. I guess 'cause there weren't a lot of girl groups out there. I think now's a good time for little girls to be influenced by girl bands and I hope that we can influence some people to play instruments." (Nashville Update)
"Those black-eyed peas, they tasted all right to me, Earl!"
(Pic courtesy of Nici)

"We're a breath of fresh air for them," said Erwin.