Holding Firm to Country Roots
The Dixie Chicks Hold Firm To Their Country Roots

(10/7/99, 1 a.m. PDT) - The Dixie Chicks have taken the country music world by storm, and their appeal continues to cross musical boundaries, drawing in fans from different genres. The Chicks' debut album, Wide Open Spaces, has sold over 7 million copies. Only five weeks after its release, the group's sophomore effort, Fly, already nears platinum status. The blonde trio has received numerous industry accolades and honors, a feat that few new acts ever achieve. Group members Natalie Maines, Emily Robison, and Martie Seidel have been given rare career opportunities as well, such as being featured in a national advertising campaign for Candies shoes and being the first country act to co-headline at Lilith Fair.
With so much interest in the group, several non-country stations have started playing the Dixie Chicks' music, which has left some country fans wondering if the Chicks will leave country music behind and cross over to another format. Martie Seidel answers that question for LAUNCH: "One radio station, a pop station, had gone in and remixed 'Wide Open Spaces' and taken the fiddle out, and you can't waste your time worrying about it, trying to control it," she says. "We just know we're not gonna actively promote ourselves in any other format but country music. We are true to this format and if other stations want to manipulate our songs or they want to play our songs, that's wonderful and great.
"I think it's understood that once you've sold that many records, you are crossing over into other audiences that don't just listen to country," she adds, "and we think that's great for country music, but we wanna be always waving the country flag."
This doesn't mean, however, that they don't have other outside interests. Maines, Robison, and Seidel recently recorded voiceovers for an episode of the popular Fox television series, King Of The Hill, which will air on Nov. 14. "We're very excited about that," Robison said of the show. "We're not playing ourselves. We're playing three sluts from Louisiana, which some people might say is not much of a stretch--'cause we're from Texas," she jokes. "But that's really fun, just stuff like that--really neat, kind of left-of-center opportunities like that."
"We've gotten, like, soap opera offers and horrible scripts where Natalie had to say, 'He's slipperier than a pocket full of custard,'" adds Seidel. "And as long as scripts like that are coming our way, we're just going to have to turn them down."
The Dixie Chicks will also be making an appearance on Sesame Street. According to the trio, this is something they are very excited about and have been wanting for a long time. There is no information yet as to when the Sesame Street episode will air.